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Refund Policy

Apparel and Housewares items can only be returned if defective. We do not accept returns, refunds, or replacements due to user errors such as, but not limited to, incorrect selection of sizes, designs, and colors. If you see a defect please contact us right away.

Products that are personally customized, such as websites and business cards cannot be returned and are non-refundable.

  • You are responsible for the return shipping fee.
  • As soon as we receive the item(s) you’ll receive your refund, store credit or a new item where applicable.
  • If you elect to exchange, you’re responsible for shipping fees.
  • If your item(s) happened to be lost or damaged, please contact us immediately.
  • Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Processing fee is not refundable.
  • Customized products, such as Websites, Business cards, and Fridge magnets that are made specifically per customer request are not refundable.

BCC Supplies reserves the right to update the rules when necessary, and the updated version will be published on with immediate effect. If you refuse to accept the policy, you are deemed to have waived the use of the services provided by BCC Supplies immediately. All buyers are deemed to accept the rules if they are using the services provided by BCC Supplies.

For after-sales issues, buyers should file a return & refund request within 2 days of the delivery date. If the period of Return & Refund request filed exceeds 2 days, BCC Supplies Supplies reserves the right not to provide any after-sales service after that time.

Before an order is shipped out, the buyer has the right to apply to cancel the order by emailing to cancel the order. Please note some order cancellations may not be possible before the order is shipped out.

If BCC Supplies cannot fulfill the order within the order processing time indicated on the product page, under the condition, but not limited to no stock or other conditions, then BCC Supplies has the right to cancel and refund the order.

If the buyer receives goods damaged or broken and applies for a refund with compelling evidence, and the goods need to be returned, BCC Supplies will send a prepaid return label within 5 business days to return damaged/broken goods. 

BCC shall not accept after-sale requests for “non-defective remorse returns”, and has the right to accept or reject the request at the company’s discretion.

If BCC accepts the after-sale request for the reason type of “non-defective remorse returns” BCC Supplies may deduct a “restocking & repacking fee”, the “restocking & repacking fee” shall not exceed 35% of the order total price.

Once the buyer submits the after-sales request, the buyer needs to provide evidence (as the clause states below) to BCC Supplies. If the buyer cannot provide compelling evidence within the order after-sales period policy indicated, BCC Supplies has the right to reject the return and refund request.

Whether the evidence is compelling or not will ultimately be determined by BCC Supplies.

If shipping insurance is declined at checkout, the customer agrees to indemnify BCC Supplies of any liability for lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise not delivered orders. Under no such circumstances will a refund for the order be given.

Under Various Circumstances:

1. Refund Request Timing

The buyer has the right to apply for a full refund for the order that was not shipped out within the stated processing time (subject to the estimated processing time displayed on the order page).

If the package is sent back during transit for any reason, and the buyer applies for a refund, BCC Supplies will refund within 5 business days of the refund request. Under the same cases, if the buyer requests redelivery, BCC Supplies will begin redelivery within 7 business days of the request date.

3. Goods Destroyed in Transit

BCC Supplies is not responsible for goods destroyed in transit during a return.

4. Wrong Receipt Information

If the buyer puts the wrong receipt information on an order, the buyer should contact BCC Supplies customer service to request an update to the order with the correct receipt information.

Please note that receipt information correction or order cancellation is not guaranteed.

If the order has already shipped out, it is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the logistics company with the correct information.

If the goods have been delivered to the wrong location, the buyer can attempt to send back the products at his/her own expense. If the goods are returned in good condition, BCC Supplies shall refund the order within 5 business days of receiving the goods, as buyer’s refund request, or begin redelivery within 7 business days of receiving the goods. Please note buyer will additionally be charged the redelivery fee.

If the order cannot be corrected or returned, the buyer will bear the losses.

5. Defective Products (package breakage/significantly not as described/missing or wrong goods/quality problems)

If the buyer detects any problem upon receipt (damaged package/significantly not as described/missing or wrong goods or other quality problems), buyer should provide a refund or redelivery request with valid proof (photos/videos of goods received that show the problem clearly). After the buyer files a request, BCC Supplies will check the proof and give a response within 10 business days.

If the proof checked does not show the problem clearly, BCC Supplies has the right to reject the buyer’s refund request.

If the buyer’s proof shows a problem clearly after being checked by BCC Supplies, the proof checking time shall not be more than 10 business days, and if the goods need to be returned to get a refund, BCC Supplies will provide the buyer with a prepaid return label within 10 business days of proof approval, and refund the order when the return shows in transit searched by tracking number buyer uploaded within 3 business days. If the goods needn’t be resent, BCC Supplies will refund the order within 10 business days of the refund request.

If proof is valid, and buyer requests redelivery, BCC Supplies will resend within 7 business days of proof approval. Please note BCC Supplies has the right to refund orders if the redelivery products are out of stock and buyers are able to reorder products when the products are restocked.

6. Logistics Issues

6.1 Invalid tracking information

If BCC verifies the tracking number is wrong, and the correct one cannot be provided within 7 business days, BCC Supplies will refund the order.

6.2 Untimely Tracking Info Updates

If there is no update of the tracking info for more than 7 business days after label created and the buyer applies for a refund, BCC Supplies will refund order within 10 business days from buyer request.

Note: this clause is not applicable for special time/periods such as holidays, covid-19, abnormal weather, or other abnormal situations.

7. Other

When encountering holidays, covid-19, abnormal weather, or other abnormal situations, the buyer shall contact to solve the goods or logistics issue.

BCC Supplies will try its best to assist buyers in these special circumstances in a timely manner. After notifying BCC Supplies, buyers should expect a decision from BCC Supplies on these types of issues no later than 10 business days from the awareness of the special circumstances.

8. Attention

If buyers are unsatisfied with the solution of the order after-sale issues, buyers have the responsibility to open a dispute with BCC Supplies directly to help deal with the after-sale issues.