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100 Rubber Nylon Paintball 68 Cal Umarex Less Than Lethal Hard Home Defense


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►High Quality

Paintballs made of high-quality nylon material, it has the characteristics of non-toxic, excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance (long-term use at 150 degrees) and good corrosion resistance. To ensure that the paintballs can be reused and easily cleaned and disinfected.

►Rigorous Testing

The paintballs will be tested for up to six weeks before leaving the factory. Each paintballs can have a perfect smooth and rounded to ensure smooth shooting. The weight of each Paintballs 3 Grams ensures the best range.

►More Affordable

Compared with the similar 0.68 Caliber metal paintballs, Nylon paintballs it is the same hard but cheaper. Compared with the graffiti paintballs, it has the advantage of being reusable. This is a wise choice.

►Specifications and Uses

Riot Paintball It is used with a .68cal paintball gun. The weight of each paintballs is 3.5g, Each box is 100pcs. It can be used for self-defense to drive out invading animals and shooting training.Although it is less deadly, Suggest wear protective equipment when training.

►Quality Service

If you find that the product is not what you want or has quality problems, don’t worry about my friend, we will provide a full refund or exchange service, have any problems send us an email,please rest assured to purchase.

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